Is my data encrypted?

Yes, we use high industry standards for SSL encryption to and from the system. The connection is 100% encrypted. In addition, the data in the cloud database is also fully encrypted.

Details can be found in this document:

ALPHAPROCESS Security (pdf)

We have processes in the form of Excel / Word / PowerPoint or handwritten - can you handle them?

Based on our experience, we can now cover all checklists - no matter what form they take and how complex they are. For this purpose, we have a personal contact person with us who will take over this work for you or who will be happy to support you in mapping your existing processes.

Our mission is to save you massive amounts of time and be ready for any audit or even in your projects 100%.

Are there any ready-made checklist packages?

Yes! Meanwhile, we have prepared various packages for you depending on the application. Among others:

✅ Entrepreneur package with general checklists for everyday entrepreneurial life
✅ HACCP lists for food hygiene
✅ HACCP lists especially for bakeries
✅ Good Manufacturing Practices
✅ ISO9001 checklists
✅ Checklists for agriculture (pigs / cattle / poultry farming)
✅ Checklists for Immunization Centers (COVID19)
✅ and more

Feel free to contact us!

Is there a desktop application?

ALPHAPROCESS is available for all devices: desktop, smartphone (Apple/Google) and tablets. Usable as an app and also in the browser (again, we support all browsers). This ensures that the tool works for you without any installation effort. ALPHAPROCESS runs in the cloud on the Internet, hosted in data centers in Germany. Fully encrypted and DSGVO compliant.

Is ALPHAPROCESS multi-client capable?

Yes, we support any number of clients - or companies / sub-companies. All data is completely and securely separated at the database level and therefore suitable for large corporations.

Is multilingualism supported?

Yes, we currently support German and English. We can easily integrate other languages on request. Please feel free to contact us.

Is there a Kanban board?

Yes, there is. It is available on mobile in the app as well as on desktop and can be fully linked to the checklists and responsible persons.

Due to the interface, a wide variety of automations are possible here.

Can I add more questions while the checklist is being edited?

On the one hand, this is possible via rules, which can be used to determine in advance whether additional questions should be displayed (based on certain entries that should trigger this). This can also be used to show (or hide) entire areas (even n times).

In addition, it is possible to edit the currently used template for checklists that are not yet completed to add or remove questions or sections.