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  • Manage processes

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  • Assign employees and teams

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  • Check and sign results

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  • Collaborate

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Manage and use unlimited number of processes.
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Prozesse, die begeistern.

Ideal e.g. for inspections and wherever documentation-required and processes that require auditing are important in your company.

  • Protkolle for occupational safety teachings
  • Quality assurance protocols
  • Apartment acceptance / handover protocols
  • Acceptance protocols
  • Meter lists / meter readings
  • Building acceptance / house handover
  • TÜV inspections / maintenance intervals
  • Damage reports
  • Processing lists for house technicians
  • Annual building visual inspections
  • Traffic safety
  • Inspections
  • Audit checklists
  • Complex, rule-based processes
  • In short: EVERY process in your company...
Prozesse, die begeistern.

We use Alphaprocess for the structured, scheduled processing of recurring tasks. In addition, we generally use the software for the digital mapping and implementation of our processes. Alphaprocess saves us time and guarantees us consistent quality in the execution of processes.

Jerko Rezo, Managing Director, Mobility
Prozesse, die begeistern.

We use alphaprocess for onboardings / offboardings, as well as for quality assurance and also for the coordination of my own brand RheinNatur for Amazon. Through alphaprocess, I can provide structure to my employees and we also use the integrated wiki including videos to document our processes. As a result, we work much more efficiently than before.

Ingo Meierhans, Managing Director, Food
Prozesse, die begeistern.

We use alphaprocess primarily in the area of plant maintenance in our largest properties to be managed. Especially in maintenance and servicing, we replace our manual paper checklists and can thus save many times more time and do something for the environment at the same time.

Thomas Waetke, Managing Director, Real Estate Industry
Prozesse, die begeistern.

Our teams have been restructured through alphaprocess and we have also been able to involve our customers in the process through the digital signature. We have been able to reduce our costs by 17% in the quarter, mainly through time savings.

Jens Eilhart, Managing Director, Facility Mangement
Prozesse, die begeistern.

Due to various requirements stemming from ISO standards, we need complete documentation. alphaprocess provides good control over a change history and the digital signature and rule-based checklists also help us enormously in our quality assurance.

Laura Kupper, Managing Director, Engineering
Prozesse, die begeistern.

We have been using alphaprocess in our eCommerce company for almost 2 years now in the back office and logistics areas. All regular tasks are recorded in alphaprocess and assigned to teams. Additionally, all task and process descriptions are documented in the alphaprocess wiki. We link the tasks in the checklists directly to the matching entries in the wiki, so every employee always has the appropriate documentation for the current task "at hand". We can recommend alphaprocess to any company to organize tasks and processes transparently and to guarantee implementation.

Christian Hähnel - eCommerce
Prozesse, die begeistern.

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